A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

PUNKS - A 2064 Sidestory

a short cyberpunk coming of age story about a couple of troubled teenage city punks

in this game you play as oliver meadows

this Twine is a #ResistJam entry

an untold tale from neo-san francisco

written by philip jones @ProBearCub

music is by mario santos

all songs are covers of tracks by 2 Mello @MelloMakes from the 2064 OST

all characters and concepts belong to MidBoss @MidBoss

elements of this game may or may not be canon to the universe of 2064: Read Only Memories @ROMadventure

Install instructions

download the zip, *extract the files*, and open index.html in your browser

enjoy the mp3s!


PUNKS - A 2064 Story - v1.4.zip 9 MB

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